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5 Essential Business Considerations for New Aesthetic Injectors

22 February 2022

💳 Pricing Structure

When deciding on a pricing structure for your aesthetic treatments consider the following:


Take a look a what is the local competition or the comparable competition charging


If prices are too high - Patients may go elsewhere! Prices can always be lowered if too high

If prices are too low -

Will patients question quality

Margins too tight

Prices can’t go back up


  • VAT

  • Salon commission

  • Product

  • Your wages

  • Marketing

  • Travel

  • Increase prices proportionately LESS as customer buys more i.e. don’t double

  • Economy

  • Can damage profit margin

  • Patients may expect increased costs


  • Justify your price through quality. Consider your training/experience/knowledge

  • Location

  • Affluent area vs low-income areas

⛲️ Structure

Consider whether you should charge by area/syringe. In the UK/Ireland most aesthetic clinics charge by area when treating with toxin and per ml when using filler. However, some clinics offer packages such as "full face transformation" and give discount when patients get X number of mls.

🛡 Insurance

Cosmetic Insure - (subject to no claims and notification) insurance for 1 year is £483 (pricing correct at the time of this post). Paid via direct debit (with interest) or paid in full for 1 year (no interest).

Hamilton Frazer - £532 for 1 year (pricing correct at the time of this post). Paid via direct debit (7.5% interest) or paid in full (no interest )


At Array, we use Belotero and Bocouture. These are reasonably priced FDA approved products you can trust. Other brands are available.

📌 Location

When choosing a location for your aesthetics business, consider:

  • Travel distances/costs for you

  • Privacy: Do you have a side entrance for patients who wish to remain discreet?

  • Is there sufficient parking/ or on-street parking for you and your patients?

Appointment availability

Do you offer good availability to patients? Consider the following:

  • Are your hours sociable?

  • Do you have flexibility to suit patients?

  • Can you offer evenings & weekend appointments?