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Pop Quiz: Test your Knowledge on Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Filler

15 February 2022

It's good to test your knowledge following your foundation botulinum toxin & dermal filler course. It's important to do this throughout your aesthetics careers to ensure you're providing a safe environment for your patients. Here's the question and answers following our Instagram quiz.

1.Best practice following treatment with botulinum toxin include: (Select the true statement)

A. Follow up of treatment at 2 weeks

B. Ignoring written aftercare instructions

C. Heavy alcohol, heavy exercise, saunas, steam rooms

D. Lying down or bending over

Answer: A - Follow up of treatment at 2 weeks
Botulinum toxin is at maximal effect on day 14.  It is best practice to review your patient at this time to assess the outcome of the treatment.  It allows you to check the patient's response to treatment and to perform a top up if necessary

2. Considering dermal filler : (Select the true statement)

A. Hyaluronic acid fillers do not attract water

B. A high G prime product is always suitable for lip treatments

C. Hyaluronidase should always be available in the event of vascular occlusion

D. Calcium hydroxylapatite is suitable for use in the lips

Answer: C Hyaluronidase should always be available in the event of vascular occlusion

Dermal filler is made from hyaluronic acid and hyalase is an enzyme used as a dissolving agent for this.  In rare cases dermal filler may be inadvertently injected into the blood vessels blocking blood supply. Recognising the signs of a vascular occlusion and treating promptly with hyalase to break down the filler and return blood flow to the area are essential steps in achieving full recovery.

3.Considering the onset and duration of botulinum toxin: (Select the true statement)

A. Onset of action is immediate

B. Peak effect is seen at 2 weeks post treatment

C. Duration of effect is always 5 months

D. Complications always take 2 weeks to become apparent

Answer: B - Peak effect is seen at 2 weeks post treatment

After botulinum toxin has been administered the muscle will gradually weaken.  For most people the results typically begin to appear between day 2 to 5 but it will be 14 days for the full effects of the treatment to be seen.  After this time botulinum toxin will start to wear off gradually and dynamic movement will start to return.  On average most patients should expect to get 3-4 months before full muscle activity returns.  With continued treatments they may start to get a little bit longer as botulinum toxin can have a cumulative effect.

4. Rules around prescribing in aesthetics include (Select the true statement)

A. Face to face consultations for prescribing are not always necessary

B. Dermal fillers do not require a prescription

C. Injecting botulinum toxin into friends does not require a prescription

D. Botulinum toxin can be prescribed for oneself and self administered

Answer: B- Dermal fillers do not require a prescription

Unlike botulinum toxin, dermal fillers do not need to be prescribed so they can be purchased and administered by anyone.  Due to the fact that this is an unregulated sector this treatment can legally be carried out by someone with no training or medical background. 

Remember you have 12 months email support following your course. Get in touch with a member of the training Array Academy training team if you have any questions following your course.

We also offer an aesthetic injector support package with 24/7 support in the event of a vascular occlusion. You can read more about this support package here.