Excessive Underarm Sweating

All models for excessive underarm sweating must have shaven at least 12 hours before treatment.

You may wear antiperspirant deodorant on the day but this will be taken off before any treatment is carried out.

Please note: On our training days we aim to make sure that you appointment time goes ahead on the time scheduled. Sometimes appointment times are delayed due to the nature of these training days. Our front of house staff will make you aware if there should be any delays. Please be patient with our staff during this time.

Booking information T&C’s

  1. All bookings are secured with a £50 deposit
  2. You may be asked to provide a photograph (subject to review by our doctors) which can be sent via email or text.
  3. We reserve the right not to treat patients if we feel they are not suitable for a particular treatment but we are always happy to discuss alternative options with them. If you are unsuitable for treatment you will receive a refund of your deposit.
  4. Shortly after booking you will receive and email confirmation for your chosen date/time.

Cancelling Model Appointments

If you need to cancel your model appointment please provide us with a minimum of 48 hours notice. We are unable to refund deposits at any shorter notice.

At a glance

Recovery Time


Model Price



6-9 months

Finance options available through our partner HUMM.
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