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Neck Wrinkle Reduction (Nefertiti lift)

Booking information T&C's

All bookings are secured with a £50 deposit

The remaining balance will be paid on the day of your treatment (your deposit will be deducted from your bill)

After booking, you will be contacted by our team to discuss your treatment and check suitability. You may be asked to provide a photograph (subject to review by our doctors) which can be sent via email or text.

We reserve the right not to treat patients if we feel they are not suitable for a particular treatment but we are always happy to discuss alternative options with them. If you are unsuitable for treatment you will receive a refund of your deposit.

Shortly after booking you will receive and email confirmation for your chosen date/time

Cancelling Model Appointments

If you need to cancel your model appointment please provide us with a minimum of 48 hours notice. We are unable to refund deposits at any shorter notice.


  • Recovery TimeMinimal
  • Model Price£120
  • Longevity3-4 months

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Neck Wrinkle Reduction (Nefertiti lift)

Pay a £50.00 deposit today and the remainder on the day.

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My experience of Array Academy has been astounding. The art of learning is imprinted throughout with wisdom and vision. Dr Chris Hutton breathes practical life and grasping this is important for medical professionals entering this field. After completing a range of hands on engaging courses, aesthetic education is 100% put into action with Chris projecting his experience personally to me in times of need after the course. Chris has helped release barriers and aided me to transform my dream into a reality, a very safe reality for the public of Northern Ireland which is vital in today’s aesthetic arena. The courses are a testament to the Aesthetic Education Practices. Thank you.

Donnamarie McGrillen