What to include in your Instagram Highlights

12 January 2023 in Uncategorised

What to include in your Instagram Highlights

👩‍⚕️Introduce Yourself.

This highlight is all about you! Here’s some ideas on what to include:

Which field of medicine do you belong to?
Where did you train?
Demonstrate your ethos ‘I’m passionate about safety in aesthetics’

Remember to create a post like this again when you hit a milestone number of followers. Re-introduce yourself!


💳 Prices

If you don’t have a website yet use “Instagram highlights” to direct patients to your price list. Price lists are a frequent question from patients. Have this information readily available for them on a highlight. Include a Call To Action (CTA) that encourages them to get in touch with you. “Book a consultation here”


💬 Reviews

A highlight dedicated to your reviews is a great opportunity to show off the happy patients you have treated! This will help to build credibility with your audience.


🖼 Before & After Images

Are an aesthetic injectors most valuable tool when starting out. They are the best way to demonstrate your skills to your audience.

Before and after images are great for grid posts but remember to also add these to your highlights. This saves your audience time scrolling through your grid, especially if they just want to look at examples of your work.


📆 How To Book An Appointment

This could be a simple one page highlight to tell your patients exactly how to book in with you if you don’t have a booking system. Let them know your availability. Keep this really simple for patients.


💬 Questions & Answers

This is a popular feature on our clinic page @arrayaesthetics

Add a question box to your stories and ask your audience if they have questions about any of the treatments you provide. Make sure you mention what you offer when asking patients. “Let me know if you have any questions on my Belotero Revive Skin Booster treatment”

This gives you the injector the opportunity to educate your audience and demonstrate your expertise. It also builds trust around your brand.

Reply to each question with a video of you answering the question. This is more personable than a typed reply to questions.



📥 Save this post as a reminder to implement these steps to your marketing strategy!

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